Customer’s desires and expectations today are comprehensive, complicated, changeable, yet hard to clearly define and understand. It brought out a message, when a product is no longer just a simple product, the dustbin is also no longer just a simple container allowing people to throw rubbish. Today a single function of the product have been unable to meet the consumer’s want. In addition to the main function, but also take into account the fashion, beautiful, durable, brand positioning, after-sales service, guarantee and warranty period, environmental friendly, society friendly, user friendly and other value-added factors.

It is impossible to meet all value-added factors above to satisfy every customer, but TOP BINS do as much as we can to score high. TOP BINS continues to actively source and filter branded and brand-less products, eventually we are balancing and compromising all the valued-added factors and providing reliable quality products at reasonable prices. TOP BINS believes this is the best way to benefit all customers. Here are the brands we distribute to the market.